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Personalized Immunotherapy for Mesothelioma Patients

A team of researchers from the University of California are in the midst of conducting a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of personalized immunotherapy treatments. The trial targets individuals dealing with a multitude of advanced cancers. Researchers are using technology to identify unique traits in a patient’s body. Furthermore, the trial is using a personalized drug combination to tackle unruly cancers. The concept of individualized treatments is in its infancy, however, researchers are hopeful that tailoring drugs to fit an individual will lead to a cure.

The Trial

The clinical trial, which began in 2018, targets individuals with advanced cancer who are likely ineligible to participate in standard therapy. Researchers in the clinical trial are treating patients with gastrointestinal, head-and-neck, and pancreatic cancers. However, the trial is opening its doors to patients suffering from mesothelioma, the asbestos-related cancer. The clinical trial is currently in its first phase.

The Treatment Combination

The trial provides tailored treatment to patients by analyzing cancer cells that provide information about unique genetic mutations found in the patient’s cancer. Once mutation analyzation occurs, the patient will receive a personalized vaccine. In combination with the personalized vaccine, the patient will also receive Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug.

Technology that locates foreign protein fragments that are unique to a cancer patient’s tumor is in the midst of being developed. The patient’s personalized vaccine aims to boost their immune response. Experts are hopeful that vaccine individualization helps a patient tackle needs that are specific to their immune system.

Current Results of the Trial

The trial is ongoing, however, current results show promise. The clinical trial’s leading researchers found that patients are responding well to the treatment combination. Since the trial is showing success, researchers are encouraging mesothelioma patients to enroll.

An Emphasis on Personalization

What makes this clinical trial unique is the personalization of the immunotherapy treatments. This treatment individualization is leading to successful results, and researchers are beginning to understand the reason behind it. Through analyzing patients, researchers found that everyone’s cancer is unique. Even if two patients share the same diagnosis, experts found that the tumors are distinct. This is further exacerbated when one analyzes each patient’s immune system. Therefore, the produced immunotherapy treatments are only applicable to one individual.

Treatment personalization presents both a challenge and an opportunity to both researchers and patients. The challenge lies in the ability to produce individualized treatments to massive amounts of patients suffering from cancer. However, experts believe that a cure for cancer might lie in a tailored approach to treatment.

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