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Are Construction Workers at Risk for Mesothelioma?

Construction is considered one of the most dangerous industries. Workers regularly encounter hazards in the course of building, renovating, and demolishing various structures. One of these hazards is exposure to dangerous substances such as asbestos. Construction workers face a higher risk for asbestos-related disease and must take steps to protect themselves from exposure. There are » Read More

Avon Hit With Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Asbestos-Talc Lawsuit

A mesothelioma patient in California was recently awarded a multi-million dollar settlement in a combined victory against two companies that played a part in her asbestos exposure. The defendants in the case, cosmetics company Avon Products, Inc. and forklift manufacturer Hyster-Yale Group, Inc., were ordered to pay a total of $52.1 million to the plaintiff. » Read More

Who Can File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. When asbestos is inhaled or ingested, fibers become trapped deep in the body’s tissues and accumulate over time, which can cause scarring, inflammation, cell damage, and cancer. Though all forms of asbestos can cause mesothelioma, not all of those who are exposed » Read More

Study Reveals a Global Rise in Mesothelioma Cases

Despite all that is currently known about the link between asbestos exposure and cancer, cases of mesothelioma have continued to increase worldwide over the past 30 years. According to a recent study published in Critical Reviews in Oncology and Hematology, there were approximately 34,000 cases of mesothelioma and 29,000 deaths from the disease in 2019. » Read More

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