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Breath Test Developed for Early Mesothelioma Detection

Early diagnosis is a rarity in the mesothelioma community. Therefore, developments in technology that allow for early detection are crucial for patient survival. One of the newest developments in technology is a breath test. The breath test works by identifying key biomarkers in a patient’s breath. Doctors are hopeful that the breath test will give » Read More

Asbestos Found in Nickelodeon Star’s Makeup Line

Asbestos is a known hazard found in pipe wrapping, automotive work, shipbuilding applications, and now, makeup products. A popular makeup line sold widely at Claire’s Stores, Inc. and marketed to teenage fans of the Nickelodeon star, JoJo Siwa, was the latest to contain the dangerous product. The powdered eyeshadow included in the JoJo Cosmetic kit » Read More

Impact of Childhood Exposure to Asbestos

Before the dangers of asbestos exposure was widely known, it was not unusual for children to play around piles of asbestos located on construction sites. Schools and asbestos factories were often in close proximity. Parents who worked in the asbestos factory might come home with dust on their clothing, unknowingly exposing their children to mesothelioma. » Read More

New Radiotherapy May Extend Survival Rate of Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma is a lung disease that affects the surrounding tissue caused by exposure to asbestos. The disease, a form of cancer, usually occurs many years after exposure. Mesothelioma tends not to display any early signs or symptoms. Accordingly, most cases are not found until they are quite advanced. Late detection and the aggressive nature of the » Read More

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