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What are Common Mesothelioma Symptoms?

Mesothelioma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Mostly developed from asbestos exposure, the survival rate is less than 50 percent after only two years from diagnosis. Worse yet, if the cancer is found to have spread elsewhere, the survival rate drops further to about 26 percent. There are several reasons for the bleak » Read More

EPA Faces Suit for Asbestos Regulation

Earlier this year, attorneys general of 10 states across the country filed a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urging them to enforce a reporting rule on companies and their use of asbestos, a dangerous group of minerals closely associated with cancer. The petition urged mandatory regulations in asbestos usage, including data reporting, to » Read More

Asbestos in Philadelphia Schools

A special education instructor from Meredith Elementary in Philadelphia was diagnosed with mesothelioma recently, and it is setting off alarms throughout the district. The School District of Philadelphia had a press conference to discuss this topic. It was stated that 29 of their schools had asbestos reduction programs this past summer, but not Meredith Elementary. » Read More

New Jersey Joins Asbestos Lawsuit Against EPA

The state of New Jersey is teaming up with 11 other states in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The attorneys general of each participating state filed a lawsuit to shed light on the inadequate regulation of asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen that leads to fatal illnesses. This carcinogen kills tens of » Read More

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