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Combining Chemotherapy and TroVax for Mesothelioma Treatment

Recent studies indicate the effectiveness of a potential new treatment option for mesothelioma patients. According to research, when patients received a combination of chemotherapy treatments and TroVax, immune responses were boosted. The study results indicate a potential new option for those suffering from this aggressive cancer. What is TroVax? TroVax is a cancer vaccine that » Read More

Battling Mesothelioma Single

The idea that cancer treatment should be available and prescribed based on a patient’s particular medical needs, and not marital status, seems obvious. Yet bias in favor of married people can affect the type and aggressiveness of treatment that patients receive, according to one recent study that should ring alarm bells for patients. Mesothelioma patients, » Read More


Caregivers are key people for anyone undergoing treatment for a serious illness like mesothelioma. Caregivers are those family members, partners, and friends who provide support, as well as emotional and practical help, to the person who is being treated for cancer. Those who have done this know that it is an essential role that makes » Read More

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Military veterans are among those with especially high rates of malignant mesothelioma – but why? The answer lies in asbestos’ fire retardant and insulating uses, and thus its extensive use by the military in ships, aircraft, and construction, before it was restricted for its deadly cancer-causing properties. Veterans today make up one-third of mesothelioma cases » Read More

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