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Alcohol Consumption May Contribute to Cancer

Philadelphia mesothelioma lawyers want to protect the public from mesothelioma and other forms of cancer.While asbestos is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, particularly mesothelioma, exposure to the substance is not the only risk factor. Other factors and habits, such as cigarette smoke and alcohol consumption, may lead to an increased risk for mesothelioma and other types of cancers including throat, mouth, esophageal, liver, colon, breast, stomach, and pancreatic cancer.

Risk Factors

According to the American Cancer Society, individuals who consume alcohol regularly and in large amounts are more susceptible to the following:

  • Head/Neck Cancer – This is more likely to occur in individuals who consume three or more alcoholic beverages a day.
  • Esophageal Cancer – While the consumption of alcohol increases the risk for this type of cancer, individuals who have a genetic mutation that makes it more difficult to metabolize alcohol are at an increased risk of developing esophageal cancer.
  • Breast Cancer – This is most likely to occur in women who drink three or more alcoholic beverages a day.
  • Liver Cancer – Heavy alcohol consumption is known to cause severe damage to the liver.
  • Colorectal cancer – Most likely to occur in men.


The consumption of alcohol on a regular basis contributes to cancer development in different ways, but damage to the DNA is the most common cause. For example, alcohol causes scarring and irritation of the cells and tissues of the liver, mouth, and throat, which will eventually lead to the development of cancer if left untreated.

Breast cancer may be caused by heavy alcohol consumption, as alcohol causes levels of estrogen to rise in the body. Furthermore, colon cancer can be attributed the development of carcinogens in the body, as alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde in the colon.


Not only does regular alcohol consumption increase the risk of cancer, but the consumption of alcohol after cancer is determined may affect treatment. Cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy may experience adverse reactions ranging from mild to life-threatening if alcohol and chemotherapy drugs are mixed.

For those who have overcome cancer, there is an increased risk of getting cancer again associated with the continued consumption of alcohol. Cancer patients are more susceptible to developing another form of cancer. While a single drink a day may not be harmful, excessive consumption may put them at an increased risk.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately three and a half percent of cancer deaths are related to alcohol consumption.

Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyers at Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler Want to Protect the Public from Mesothelioma and other Forms of Cancer

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