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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers Review New Report: Brief Exposure to Asbestos Causes Mesothelioma

An article in the Journal of Clinical Imaging Science reports on a new and unusual case of mesothelioma.  The article was written by radiologists in New Dehli, India concerning a young woman who contracted mesothelioma and the cause is believed to be from a brief and indirect exposure to asbestos. The case is unique and alarming for two reasons.  The first is her age. She is 26 years old and most mesothelioma patients are in their 60’s and 70’s before they are diagnosed.  The second unique factor is her indirect, limited exposure to asbestos.

The patient was indirectly exposed to asbestos for three months 15 years prior to her diagnosis.  During this time period, she lived with her father who was a miner in the asbestos-rich Jharkhad area of eastern India.  The second-hand asbestos exposure came from her father’s work clothes.

Most cases of mesothelioma result from long term work-related asbestos exposure. The report shows how little exposure it may take to develop mesothelioma and that mesothelioma can occur without direct exposure to asbestos. Even small doses of asbestos can be harmful.

The patient complained of chest pain and breathlessness. Tests concluded she had mesothelioma and the malignant cancer had spread to her liver.  The study feels this type of asbestos exposure, short term and second hand, is often not recognized as a source because neither the patient nor the doctor realize the connection.  Many cases have possibly gone unreported as asbestos-related cancer because the origin of the asbestos exposure is not apparent.

There are 55 countries which have a ban on the mining, use and importation of asbestos and products containing asbestos materials.  The United States is not one of the countries to ban asbestos but has implemented strict regulations on asbestos use.

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