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Our Asbestos Lawyers Report on Philadelphia School that was Evacuated Amid Concerns of Asbestos Exposure

A Philadelphia school was recently evacuated amid concerns of asbestos exposure to 40 students attending summer classes at the facility.  The students were moved to another area school and will continue their classes there while an asbestos abatement project continues at the previous site.  Occupational safety and health experts from the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ (PFT) Health and Welfare Fund claim that students in the school were being exposed to the asbestos because contractors are not following mandated safety protocols.

Allegations from PFT Health and Welfare Fund administrators claim that air samples taken at the Penn Treaty School show unacceptable levels of asbestos fibers in the air.  They are concerned that students were to be  permitted  in the building as  floors containing asbestos are removed in 130 areas throughout the school.  To complicate matters even more, the school’s boiler is being replaced, which presents another risk of asbestos exposure to those in the building.  PFT’s Health and Welfare Fund executives allege that district officials are not collaborating with them on the project, which is limiting their ability to maintain a safe environment.

Philadelphia school district administrators disagree with the PFT’s allegations claiming that the Department of Health’s Asbestos Control Unit has been on site daily and that city Health Department officials inspect the site several times a week.  Following the allegations made by PFT’s administrators, the Health Department Air Management Services came to inspect the site and issued citations to the asbestos abatement contractor and the air monitoring company for several safety violations, including an unsecured shaft enclosure and improper display of safety signs.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen directly related to the deadly form of lung cancer called mesothelioma.  Individuals inhale the asbestos fibers that become airborne which can then lay dormant in the deep tissues of the lungs for periods of up to 40 years.  Once mesothelioma is diagnosed, there is little hope for survival past three years.

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