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Industries at Risk of Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace

There are some industries which present a higher risk for asbestos exposure.  This is particularly important to note because the symptoms of exposure typically remain latent for at least a decade.

In 1977, The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulated the use of asbestos in construction products.  Today, construction workers continue to be at risk of asbestos exposure as they repair, renovate and demolish older buildings that contain the toxic substance.  Similarly, prior to the safety regulations in the 1970s, drill press operators and other similar trades often were exposed to asbestos daily.  The drilling and cutting of asbestos-containing materials sent the toxic fibers and dust airborne putting factory workers at great risk.

Until the 1970s, the U.S. Navy used asbestos in all areas of its ships because of its fire retardant capabilities.   Unfortunately, this means that our naval service members were exposed to asbestos every day.

Asbestos was often used in automobile brake linings and pads because of its durability and fire-resistant quality.  Auto mechanics remain at risk for asbestos exposure today as some brake pads continue to contain asbestos materials.

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