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New Diagnostic Scan Can Possibly Detect Mesothelioma Earlier   

According to a new study, there is a new low-radiation diagnostic scanning tool that can be used to allow for earlier detection of mesothelioma.  GE Healthcare has developed a safer CT scan that may be helpful in diagnosing mesothelioma more quickly and with less risk than other diagnostic methods.  This is especially significant for asbestos workers whom may not develop symptoms of mesothelioma until decades after their exposure, often once the deadly disease has progressed to a severe or life-threatening level.

Medical professionals tested and compared the low-radiation CT scans, called Veo, against traditional CT scans in a clinical research study.  For the study, 27 workers exposed to asbestos were analyzed at a hospital in France.   All of the patients studied presented with lesions on their lungs and pulmonary nodules, both of which are common indicators of cancer.  In addition, 20 of the study participants presented with pleural plagues, thickening of the pleural lining, a condition caused by asbestos exposure.

The study findings conclude that the Veo scan’s accuracy was equivalent to the mainstream CT methods.  The VEO CT scan was adept at detecting pleural plaques, pleural thickening and pulmonary nodules in the asbestos workers.  The one difference researchers noted was that the Veo CT was not as proficient at detecting “interstitial abnormalities” as its counterpart.

The most significant finding of the research is that the Veo scan reduced the radiation exposure to a patient by 87%.   This is a key finding because repeated exposure to radiation during CT scans is an important health concern for people such as asbestos workers whom must undergo regular screenings.  Moreover, the new diagnostic method may allow for better treatment options by allowing for earlier detection for victims suffering from mesothelioma.

Researchers recommend that additional clinical studies be conducted on the Veo CT scan to confirm findings on a larger group of patients before the new diagnostic tool is accepted for use in clinical medical practices.  To read more about the research study, follow this link:  https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/4/5/e004980.long

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