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Asbestos Contamination Forces Colorado Residents Out Of Their Homes

Asbestos contamination discovered in a Pueblo, Colorado apartment complex has led to the unexpected evacuation of dozens of residents.  What started as a routine leaky pipe inspection by an insurance company ended with the discovery of dangerous traces of asbestos in the building walls. Residents were evacuated immediately from the premises as a safety precaution.

The evacuation highlights the danger of asbestos exposure.  Even a small exposure to the microscopic fibers of this toxic mineral can develop into potentially fatal medical conditions such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.  Often it takes years following the initial exposure to asbestos for symptoms to being to appear.

Continuing investigation by the asbestos inspection company Innovative Environmental Solution will reveal further information as to the extent of the contamination within the next few weeks. It remains uncertain for now if or when the residents may be able to safely return to their homes.

Emerald Isle Lending, the owner of the apartment complex, has been paying for the displaced residents to stay a local hotel.  Members of the local community have donated food items as well to the displaced residents.

The Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers at Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown and Sandler Assist Individuals Exposed to Asbestos

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