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New Jersey Asbestos Attorneys: Russian City Risking Residents for Industry

The New York Times recently reported on the town of Asbest, Russia operates as a mecca for the asbestos industry.  Since the 1970s, asbestos has been a known carcinogen linked to such deadly diseases as mesothelioma and lung cancer, but the town continues to mine and manufacture the dangerous substance jeopardizing the health of the town’s 70,000 citizens.  Deadly asbestos dust clouds blow through the down and, as a result, asbestos can be found everywhere. Asbest residents find asbestos dust covering plants in their gardens, coating their windows, and on just about every surface in their homes.

The Russian company Uralasbest owns and operates the asbestos mine in Asbest, the largest open asbestos mine in the world, as well as the factory that processes the asbestos for distribution.  It is the largest employer in the town, with about 17 percent of the town’s residents earning their livelihood from the town’s asbestos industry. Unfortunately, as a result, many of its residents suffer from known symptoms and conditions believed to be caused by their exposure to asbestos, such as nagging coughs and dermatological rashes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, is currently studying the effects of asbestos on the workers in Asbest, examining the various symptoms they’ve experienced and looking for a possible link to other cancers such as ovarian cancer.

Residents of Asbest: Is Asbestos their Fate?

Sadly, perhaps the residents of Asbest are destined to live in a town surrounded by the deadly fibers of asbestos.  Consider the name of the city itself: Asbest means asbestos in Russian.  The emblem on the city’s flag even bears white lines to resemble the fibers of asbestos the town is known for.   The local anthem is, “Asbestos, my city and my fate.”

The world’s largest geological supply of asbestos minerals is in Russia. As a result, the country continues to mine a million tons of asbestos annually.  The Russian Chrysotile Association reports that asbestos sales are $540 million each year and the country exports 60% of the toxic material.  The asbestos industry will most likely continue to be a source of growth for Russia as many other countries have ceased mining and manufacturing asbestos due to its carcinogenic properties. Read The New York Times article.

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