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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Illegally Removing Asbestos – Nestle Plant Owner Pleads Guilty

Our Philadelphia asbestos attorneys recently learned that the owner of the former Nestle Plant in Fulton, New York, has pled guilty in a federal court for violating the Clean Air Act when he illegally removed friable asbestos from the property.  The building, which has been closed since 2003, contained approximately 2,000 feet of pipes containing asbestos insulation.

The owner of Carbonsted, LLC, was cited for several violations including failing to notify the United States Environmental Protection Agency prior to beginning the asbestos removal process.  In addition, he hired workers that were not licensed or trained in asbestos removal.  These workers failed to wet the toxic material during the removal process, which helps to keep the asbestos fibers becoming airborne and spreading.  The workers were not provided with any protective gear, specifically respirators.  Lastly, the company owner did not dispose of the hazardous material at an approved landfill site.

Workers Notified the U.S. Department of Labor About the Illegal Asbestos Removal

The U.S. Department of Labor became aware of the unsafe working conditions and illegal asbestos removal by the workers who were hired to remove the asbestos.

Due to the company owner’s failure to follow the proper protocols when demolishing the old building, he not only jeopardized the health of the workers, but also the general public  when the asbestos fibers became airborne and has likely resulted in environmental contamination in the nearby communities.  The risk for community members of developing asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure is a real concern.

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