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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers Discuss Ontario’s Import of Asbestos Brake Pads

As we discussed previously in our Blog, the Canada government, in two key actions, has recently acknowledged that asbestos is a hazardous substance linked to numerous deadly illnesses, especially mesothelioma.  Nevertheless, the import and use of asbestos products, specifically brake pads, continues in Canada, at least until a proposed Bill is made into law.

Recent reports by Statistics Canada show that $2.6 million worth of brake pads containing asbestos were imported into Canada in 2011.  Although Ontario has made progress with regard to no longer using asbestos in manufacturing, the Canadian province received and distributed 50% of the asbestos-laden brake pads.

A bill was introduced in 2012 in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario to ban brake pads containing asbestos.  Bill 51, Highway Traffic Amendment Act, (Brake Pad Standards), specifically bans vehicles with brake pads containing asbestos.  The bill has passed two readings and is close to becoming law. This is not a new issue for Canada.  The country has long been an outsider on the issue of asbestos.   Canada continued to manufacture and export the dangerous material well after it was established as a carcinogen.

Supporters of the brake pads at issue maintain that the fibers are so tightly woven that the asbestos cannot disseminate into the air.   Experts dispute this stating that when the products wear down, the fibers or dust will become airborne allowing individuals to inhale the harmful asbestos. This is most dangerous for the mechanics that are regularly in contact with worn down brake pads.

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