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Atlantic City School Has Asbestos: Parents, Teachers Were Not Notified


The recurring pattern of poor communication plagues both the City of Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Public Schools system in New Jersey. This is particularly concerning given the recent revelation of an asbestos problem at the Texas Avenue School, an essential institution accommodating around 500 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. Despite the school’s closure for spring break, with plans to reopen on April 10, 2024, alarming notices about asbestos dangers plastered on every door were discovered only through informal channels. Astonishingly, the school district failed to inform parents or staff, reflecting a severe lack of professionalism and responsibility.

Adding to the chaos, the Atlantic City Superintendent is embroiled in a serious child abuse scandal, compounded by criminal charges against the Atlantic City High School Principal. Amidst these crises, staff members at Texas Avenue School fear reprisals for speaking out, insisting on anonymity. One staff member expressed deep concern over the absence of official communication regarding the asbestos issue, highlighting the pervasive sense of fear and neglect among the school community.

Visiting the Atlantic City Board of Education’s website reveals a glaring omission: no mention of the asbestos danger. This oversight contradicts the stated mission of fostering a safe and nurturing environment for students’ academic success. The disconnect between the school’s philosophy and the administrative reality underscores the urgent need for transparent and proactive communication. As the school prepares to resume classes, it falls squarely on the Superintendent’s administration to address parents’, students’, and teachers’ concerns promptly and thoroughly regarding the asbestos threat.

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