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Supreme Court Upholds Johnson and Johnson Verdict

Philadelphia asbestos lawyers of Brookman Rosenberg Brown & Sandler advocate for those suffering from mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases

The United States Supreme Court decided Tuesday to not hear an appeal by consumer goods manufacturer Johnson and Johnson over a multibillion-dollar lawsuit. Plaintiffs who used the company’s talcum powders for personal hygiene developed cancer, as the talc was contaminated with asbestos. An initial award of $5 billion was trimmed down to $2.1 billion for 22 named plaintiffs by an appeals court. The manufacturer claimed the lawsuit combined residents of multiple states and different levels of cancer with varying mitigating circumstances like family history.

Issues with the jurisdictions and handling of the lawsuit would have been the Supreme Court’s main objective if they heard the case, not if the talc powder was tainted. Johnson and Johnson has maintained the stance that the product did not contain asbestos or caused cancer, citing decades of scientific testing and independent evaluations supporting these claims. While government research has not conclusively linked usage of talcum powder to ovarian and other forms of cancer, manufacturers have been successfully sued by those who used their products and developed cancer. The element asbestos naturally appears in nature near talc. When collected, the two will mix and asbestos will appear in manufactured talcum powder. While there are trace levels of asbestos allowed in talc-based products, there is no consensus on how much, if any, is “safe” for consumers. Johnson and Johnson no longer sells talcum powder-based products.

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