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Asbestos Found in School Supplies

Shopping for school supplies is often a tradition for families. Students look forward to picking out new notebooks, binders, and pens to kick off a new school year. Although this tradition is exciting, it is important for parents to be aware that products containing asbestos are being sold in stores across the nation. To prevent » Read More

Dogs Pave the Way to Cancer Detection

Early detection is imperative for the recovery of cancer. Studies over the past few decades have shown this to be true; detecting any form of cancer early dramatically raises one’s chance of survival. Some forms of cancer, particularly cancers effecting the lungs, such as mesothelioma, are difficult to detect in its early stages, making for » Read More

Breath Test Developed for Early Mesothelioma Detection

Early diagnosis is a rarity in the mesothelioma community. Therefore, developments in technology that allow for early detection are crucial for patient survival. One of the newest developments in technology is a breath test. The breath test works by identifying key biomarkers in a patient’s breath. Doctors are hopeful that the breath test will give » Read More