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New York Mesothelioma Talc Lawsuit

Two lawsuits were filed by individuals with mesothelioma who had no other asbestos exposure, except for baby powder products. Talc is a mineral commonly used in baby powder, and is often contaminated with asbestos fibers found in the same mining deposits. New York courts have recently denied two companies’ requests to dismiss mesothelioma victims’ lawsuits, » Read More

Explaining Mesothelioma

Not long ago, all kinds of industries used asbestos. This material was a staple of the construction, shipping, automotive, and mining industries. While federal law has changed regarding the amount of asbestos permitted in manufactured products, so that only minute amounts are acceptable, that does not help workers who were exposed decades ago. Asbestos is » Read More

Biomarkers and Testing

Those at risk of malignant mesothelioma from asbestos exposure may soon have a new diagnostic option through the efforts of researchers in Japan. Currently, testing for mesothelioma is not foolproof, and in most cases is only confirmed after the onset of physical symptoms – at which point treatment is likely to be less effective. Accurately » Read More