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Three-Drug Combo is New Standard of Care for Mesothelioma in France

France is paving the way for the future of mesothelioma treatment. In 2016, a team of researchers managed to increase survival rates by twenty-three percent. Patients were treated using the VEGF inhibitor Avastin in combination with two traditional chemotherapy drugs. After a careful review of the study, doctors at Paris’ Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital determined that » Read More

Red Wine Compound Could Fight Mesothelioma

A decade ago, Dr. Eleanor G. Rogan and her team of researchers at the University of Nebraska demonstrated that resveratrol could block the first step in the process that leads to breast cancer. Since then, researchers have been using this information and searching related compounds for clues about how to fight plural mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is » Read More

Coughing Can Be a Sign of Mesothelioma

An average of three-thousand Americans are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year. Although generally fatal, research shows that early detection is key to survival. Those who survive mesothelioma the longest have one thing in common: early detection. Unusual coughing can be an early detection sign worth paying attention to. When a Cough May Indicate Mesothelioma Coughs » Read More

Mesothelioma Mortality Risk

The Canadian Respiratory Journal recently carried a research article titled, “Risk Factors of Mortality from All Asbestos-Related Diseases: A Competing Risk Analysis.” The authors of the study had found no prior research into mortality rates for asbestos-caused diseases. Assessing hundreds of patients from Barcelona, Spain over a four-decade period, the team completed the first-known mortality » Read More