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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Asbestos Public Health Risks and Building Demolitions

Mined and used commercially, asbestos has strong fibers resistant to heat, fire and chemicals that do not conduct electricity.  Once viewed as a perfect building material with a reasonable cost, research shows that asbestos is toxic.  The use of asbestos in products has declined dramatically since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented asbestos restrictions » Read More

Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Manufacturers of Asbestos Free Products Could Still Face Claims of Negligence

When a company manufactures a product containing no asbestos, but knows their product will be used with a product containing asbestos, the courts are considering if they are responsible for issuing a warning to consumers. An example of this is a pump which needs gaskets in order to operate.  The pump is asbestos free, but » Read More

New Jersey Asbestos Lawyers Report Asbestos Cement Plants Show Higher Risk of Mesothelioma

University researchers from Italy’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine have released new studies supporting the fact that asbestos cement manufacturing plants create an increased risk of asbestos-related illness. Workers, as well as those who live in close proximity to asbestos cement plants, are being adversely affected due to exposure to asbestos.  This shows that » Read More

New Jersey Asbestos Lawyers: Recent Asbestos Removal Violation Case

Certified Environmental Services Inc., a New York asbestos abatement testing company, recently pled guilty in federal court to negligence for releasing asbestos into the atmosphere.  The charge is a misdemeanor offense for negligent endangerment violations due to fact that the company performed air sampling and lab analysis from 1999-2007 for two clients’ asbestos abatement projects. » Read More