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New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers:  Promising New Option in Immunotherapy

An ongoing, multicenter, worldwide clinical trial is currently studying the latest immunotherapy drug for malignant mesothelioma.  In the meantime, a group of researchers lead by Dr. Michele Maio has found encouraging results from a smaller study done at the University Hospital in Siena, Italy. Dr. Maio recently published the results of an immunotherapy drug called » Read More

Orphan Drug Destroys Mesothelioma Cancer Cells

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new orphan drug that is designed to help fight malignant mesothelioma.  A spokesperson from the drug manufacturer, AstraZeneca, said tremelimumab is an immune system stimulant that kills cancer cells when it binds with CTLA-4 protein on the surface of activated T-lymphocytes in the body.  Mesothelioma » Read More

New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers:  Mesothelioma and Hematologic Cancer Treatments

A recent article published in the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine reported that researchers involved in a world-wide study have found a possible link between mesothelioma and hematologic cancer treatments.  Scientists from the United States, China, and Australia studied 3,600 mesothelioma patients and found that those who had a hematologic cancer; such as Hodgkins » Read More

New Jersey Asbestos Lawyers: Asbestos in University Campus Renovations

In a common scenario for buildings constructed during the post-World War II era in the U.S., the discovery of high levels of degraded asbestos often requires extensive removal and abatement programs before renovations can begin. A recent start date for campus renovations at University of Buffalo (UB) in New York has been pushed back due » Read More