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A Warning from our Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Beware of Home Renovations due to Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Homeowners undertaking a “DIY” home renovation may be at risk for a potential hazard they may not have been aware when starting their remodeling project.  The toxic material asbestos was often used in older American homes because of its durability and fire-resistant qualities.  When construction begins during a home renovation project, the asbestos material will be disturbed causing the deadly fibers to become airborne.

Once the asbestos fibers and dust are released into the air, all members of the household are at risk of asbestos exposure.  If asbestos is inhaled into a family member’s lungs, the person is at great risk for developing asbestos-related diseases including mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

Following are some basic safety precautions a homeowner can take during a renovation project to keep their entire family safe from asbestos exposure.

  • Wear protective respiratory devices.
  • Examine older floors including linoleum, floor tiles and ceiling insulation for any labeling that may indicate the presence of asbestos.
  • Do now allow children to crawl on a floor during the renovation – it may be covered in asbestos fibers and/or dust.
  • Relocate family members during construction so that they do not breathe in any asbestos fibers that may become airborne.
  • Beware of laundering work clothes that may be coated with asbestos fibers and dust.  Coming in contact with the tainted laundry can lead to second hand asbestos exposure.
  • Most importantly, if a homeowner finds the presence of asbestos during a home renovation, an experienced asbestos removal company must be contacted immediately.

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