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Merck Recognizes Dangers Of Vioxx: Takes All Vioxx Off the Market

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In an unprecedented move, the giant drug manufacturer Merck has announced that Vioxx the widely prescribed and hugely popular arthritis drug, increases the risk of serious medical complications including heart attacks and strokes. As a result, all Vioxx currently on pharmaceutical shelves is being withdrawn and patients who have been injured by the product are heading to courthouses around the country.

Our firm has already been contacted by people injured nationwide by the product. Vioxx was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and placed unsuspecting users at real risk of harm. How this happened and why it was not withdrawn earlier will come out over the course of the litigation/class action. Anyone taking Vioxx should see their doctor about switching to another pain medication if one is necessary. In the meantime, no one should take Vioxx from this moment forward. If you have taken Vioxx and are concerned about your legal rights we would be happy to help.


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