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Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: New Mesothelioma Blood Biomarker Identified

Researchers are continually studying mesothelioma in an attempt to determine how to identify it earlier and slow its growth. Through this research, substantial breakthroughs have been made in recent years, including the identification of a activin A, a new blood biomarker that can help doctors potentially diagnose mesothelioma cases earlier than before and give their » Read More

Philadelphia Asbestos Lawyers: Asbestos Linked to Kidney Cancer

While it has become common knowledge that asbestos exposure leads to a mesothelioma diagnosis, new information on other potential complications from the hazardous material is beginning to surface. A newly published case study has linked asbestos exposure to kidney cancer. The case study was published by occupational medicine specialists in Italy. The research includes the » Read More

New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers: New Law on Liability for Toxic Exposure

A recent toxic liability case argued before the Supreme Court of New Jersey brought the question of what constitutes a family into the scope of toxic liability law. Previously, the court ruled that a landowner may be liable if the spouse of a worker exposed to asbestos in New Jersey on their land became ill. » Read More