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Philadelphia Asbestos Attorneys: Unacceptable Levels of Asbestos Found in Elementary School

It’s been reported that over 200 individuals,  including children aged five through ten, teachers, and administrative staff, were recently exposed to unacceptable levels of asbestos in a Binghamton, New York elementary school.   Following a routine inspection in the school, officials discovered  an area of potential asbestos disturbance in mid-July of this year. On July 30th, » Read More

Philadelphia Asbestos Attorneys Update Libby, Montana’s Asbestos Situation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is making ambitious, but overdue plans to survey Libby, Montana and develop a toxicology assessment, risk assessment, and feasibility study for the town’s asbestos situation. The city, once home to a thriving economy based on asbestos mining, has battled an asbestos emergency for years. As early as 2000, the EPA » Read More

Peritoneal Mesothelioma Treatment Shows Excellent Progress in New Study

Those living with the peritoneal form of malignant mesothelioma have additional reason for hope thanks in large part to a new study published in the European Journal of Cancer. With mesothelioma affecting over 2500 Americans a year and claiming approximately 3000 lives, the rare form of the ultra-aggressive cancer known as malignant peritoneal mesothelioma typically » Read More

Philadelphia Asbestos Attorneys Review Recent Conviction for Illegal Dumping of Asbestos

Two men were recently convicted of illegally dumping massive amounts of toxic asbestos into the Mohawk River in upstate New York.   The men disposed of approximately 400 truckloads of asbestos-contaminated material into the river and on the land around the water in Frankfort, New York.   The tainted debris had been processed at a New Jersey » Read More

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